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Everyone has a story, and whether you like it or not, that story will always be yours. Everything that happens to us shapes us to be who we are. Every experience, every relationship, every decision. Your story matters, but if you don’t realize that no one else will. By finding the strength and courage to own and share who you are, you can help others and help yourself. The world needs to hear your truth. 


Inspired by Michelle Obama’s memoir, Becoming, this series features the stories of young adults during their time of discovery. When you’re in your twenties, you are faced with endless possibilities and opportunities. You come face to face your identity and who you really are. During this time, you go on the crazy, overwhelming journey of finding yourself. You screw up, find your voice, lose your voice, or have it taken away... You put yourself out there and define yourself, or else you’ll fall into a quick and inaccurate definition made by others. We all have a unique story. For some that means following opportunities, but for others that means overcoming adversity. We are constantly growing and becoming ourselves, it would be foolish to think that we reach a point in our lives where there is no more growing to be done.


Identity is about exploring unique parts of yourself and embracing the different characters that make up who you are. As people we feel a lot of ways and that expresses who we fundamentally are. This series features a remarkable group of young artists who each express their identities differently. We make what we feel, we use our voices so other voices can we heard. 


This is what finding yourself looks like. This is identity. This is Becoming.

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