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Black, the darkest of the colors, is both the absence and the absorption of all pigment. It is everything and it is nothing. Black seductively toes the line between positive and negative, good and bad. It is an evocative enigma. Its ominous hue conveys a multiplicity of meanings, symbolizing both sophistication and impurity, elegance and mystery, fear and sorrow... 

This series of images, in three acts, delves into the rich mysteries of this complex color. Act I is Filth. The images in this act show the impurity of blackness, built on dirt and grime. Black can not only be filthy but can also denote death and decay. Act II is Horror. These images are meant to unsettle, as black has boundless depth and a mysterious demeanor. Its darkness conceals rather than illuminates, leaving horrors lurking in obscurity. Act III is Glamour. Black is sophisticated and can communicate authority and power. These images are elegant but with a touch of peculiarity. 

A mysterious marvel, black, is, unwilling to divulge its innerworkings, leaving much to the imagination. It is a perplexity that can only be unraveled in the eye of the beholder. It is Filth, it is Horror, it is Glamour. 

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