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Masks disguise who we are, they cover up what lies underneath. Some masks show more of the wearer’s humanity, while some conceal it completely. In our society, almost everyone dons a mask at some point, to fit into the system we have constructed. These masks deny individual identity while also resisting and covering the wearer’s vulnerability. Because of this, society also has outcasts, those who stick out from the norm and who seek to enhance rather than mask their individuality. These are the Freakshows, the weirdos that do not blend in with what has been deemed “normal”. They already don’t fit into societal standards, so they have fashioned extraordinary appearances constructed from the ordinary. This collection of images features the Freakshows and their personas, transcending who they are and challenging the traditional perception of what it means to be normal. Their chosen masks make them stick out, they make them unique, but they also offer protection. They are grotesque, they are bizarre, they are the Freakshows. 

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