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Mutations are, in a biological sense, a change in the structure of DNA, which leads to the development of an unexpected variant form. This can be the result of damage, the merging of multiples into one, or simply an alteration. Sometimes these unforeseen transformations can be cataclysmic, while other times they simply challenge existing order and manifest a much needed radical change. 

There are many complexities within a mutation, its causation, significance, and outcome is a multiplicity. Mutations are uncontrollable. Mutations are the creation of something freakish and unknown. Mutations are a rebirth of the old and outdated. There is no right or wrong, positive or negative, mutations are a seductive renaissance, growing and evolving from the past into the future. 


This body of work represents the intersection between an unexpected loss of control and a captivating form of new hybridity. Mutations birth something fresh, a metamorphosis of organic complexity. Just like a chameleon; they’re fitting, just like a virus; they’re evolving, just like a personality; they’re changing.

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