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Vanitas describes an 18th century art movement that communicated that the earthly pleasures of life are not everlasting properties. Through still life painting, artists used significant symbols, such as skulls and hourglasses, to convey the finite nature of the vanities of life. 


This body of work has translated this movement into a contemporary, photographic context. It consists of wearable pieces of artwork that convey this theme of ephemeral luxuries. These pleasures have been transposed onto a mask taking the form of a skull. Human models have donned these masks, which are covered with the luxuries they hold so dear. Cruel sense of irony isn’t it, humans wearing the very thing that represents their demise. 


This concept is deeply rooted in human nature. Everything we could ever strive for is impermanent. Rich or poor, celebrated or unknown, all we know is that death is certain. 


Wealth, beauty, power, sex... they are not everlasting. Life is fleeting, finite, and temporary. What we do with it, is up to us. 


Do we chase vanity or not?

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